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Studies Highlight Advancing Medical Understanding of Nocturia

Dr. Alan Sadah

Dr. Alan Sadah is a longtime Illinois urologist who treats patients at Metro Chicago Surgical Oncology, LLC. With in-depth knowledge in his field, Dr. Alan Sadah stays informed on the latest developments in urology research.

As reported in Renal and Urology News, several studies have recently emerged that expand scientific understanding of nocturia, a condition that involves excessive nighttime urination.

One University of Cincinnati study of healthy women aged 40 to 50 found that the top sleep disturbance among midlife women experiencing suboptimal sleep quality was awakening to urinate. The issue was particularly prevalent among those surveyed who were approaching menopause, in comparison to those who were perimenopausal.
A Cedars-Sinai Medical Center study brought focused on men with three or more nocturia episodes on average per night. The four-year study centered on prostate cancer prevention and found that such frequent episodes were associated with a 43 percent increase in mortality. The takeaway of the study is that nocturia can be an important indicator of significant, life-threatening health issues.

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